Lead Risk Assessment in Detroit, MI

The goal of a risk assessment is to identify current and potential lead exposures and provide recommendations for how to mitigate those exposures. Lead exposures can come from elevated surface dust levels, deteriorated lead based paint, and lead contaminated soil.

The lead risk assessment begins with an interview of the occupants of the property to identify areas that dust wipes will be taken from. After, dust samples from the floors, window sills and window troughs are taken. Finally, soil samples are then taken from areas of bare soil (more than 9ft2) around the perimeter of the home, gardens, and play areas.

Dust sample results are compared to the EPA threshold of 10 ug/ft2 for floors, 100 ug/ft2 for window sills and 100 ug/ft2 for window troughs and soil sample results to the EPA thresholds of 400 ppm for gardens and children’s play areas and 1200 ppm for other bare soil areas of a property.

For each lead hazard that is found, we offer recommendations for both abatement and interim controls as remediation options.

Abatement refers to an option that permanently eliminates the exposure and interim controls refer to measures that allow short-term elimination of the exposure.

Lead Risk Assessment vs. Lead Inspection

A lead inspection is precisely as it sounds. Our certified lead inspector will inspect the surfaces inside and outside of your home to determine the levels of lead that are present. This is generally done once because if a surface or component is identified as having lead based paint, it will always contain lead based paint unless it is removed from the property.

Lead risk assessment, as described above, is a different service. However, both services might be necessary for getting the information you need to create a safe home. 

MI Lead Inspections offers both of these services. Complete the form on this page to get an estimate and tap into our experience to make sure you’re able to obtain the proper certifications and clearance you require.

Lead Risk Assessment Cost

The cost of this service will vary depending on the size of the residence. For the risk assessment alone, our cost for an average size home starts at $350. A lead paint inspection is always a prerequisite for a lead risk assessment.

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