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At MI Lead Inspections, we are the place to look if you’re interested in hiring lead-based paint inspectors in Detroit, MI.

In Detroit, for properties built prior to 1978 it is mandatory to receive a lead clearance before renting out property.

Hiring a Lead Paint Inspector

When choosing a company for Michigan lead testing, it is crucial to select someone who will take the time to do the procedures right the first time to avoid the potential of unnecessary toxic lead exposure. For this reason, you should choose who you work with carefully.

MI Lead Inspections only employs certified lead paint inspectors who are fully compliant with the standards set by the EPA, HUD, and the State of Michigan.

What Is a Certified Lead Inspector?

If you came in search of a lead inspector near me, you’ll find us listed as a trusted provider. The term “certified” typically refers to individuals or firms that are approved by the State of Michigan after completing a comprehensive lead-based paint training and certification program. You’ll find MI Lead Inspections listed on Michigan.gov.

To obtain the proper clearances required by the State and City of Detroit you’ll want to hire a lead inspector or risk assessor in Michigan with official certification.

HUD Lead-Based Paint Inspection

You may also see service offerings online for a HUD lead-based paint inspection. Both the HUD and EPA have set standards for lead-based paint inspection. Our inspectors are compliant with both sets of rules.

What Does a Lead Inspector Do?

Our certified lead inspectors will conduct tests to determine if any components or surfaces at a home contain lead based paint. These tests involve checking both interior and exterior painted surfaces, as well as other types of coated surfaces such as stains, varnishing, and wallpaper-coated surfacing.

Depending on your requirements, our lead inspector may also perform a risk assessment. If there are any lead hazards present, then we will work with you to develop an action plan to mitigate those hazards.

Michigan Lead Testing

With all the different standards and regulations, lead testing can start to feel like a legal minefield. That is why it is essential to hire a professional and state certified company to handle the lead inspection. To set an appointment with a certified lead inspector in Michigan like MI Lead Inspections.

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